Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Heart to Heart trip to Peru

In June of 2017 Mike Berenstain accompanied a group of Doctors from the Heart to Heart  that included his wife, Dr. Laura Diaz on a trip to Peru to provide life-saving heart surgeries to Peruvian Children who otherwise would not have access to such high level health-care. Upon arrival to INCOR  (the Peruvian National Hospital located in Lima) The Heart to Heart team jumped into action and was busy training the INCOR staff, participating in Lectures and presentations on various ventricular diseases, and assisting in surgeries. Meanwhile, Mike documented much of the trip in his sketchbook, capturing the team interacting with INCOR staff, prepping for surgery, and patients in recovery.

Scroll Through To see Mike’s sketches along with a few photos from the Heart to Heart trip to Lima, Peru. 

Arrival Team
 Josie Everett, Executive Director, Heart to Heart

Arrival of Team

Getting On Board

Orientation meeting, team translator and recent Peruvian medical graduate, Hernan Carcamo, on right

Teaching & Lecturing
 A large part of Heart to Heart's mission is teaching. Dr. Diaz lecturing with translator

 Daniel, translator & recent medical graduate

 Dr. Diaz lecturing

Hernan, Translator

Presentation on Types of Ventricular Septal defects (VSDs)

Dr. Diaz Lecturing with translator.

Cath Lab
Cardiac Cath Lab view from control room

Inside Cath Lab

Operating Room
Medical team, including Dr. Diaz (Left) preparing for VSD surgery

Perfusion team preparing for surgery

Introduction of Anesthesia

Placement of transesophageal probe

4. F. Cardiologist viewing echocardiography images

4. H. Surgeon observing patient prep

Dr. Kirk Kanter Cardiac System

Translator observing placement of cardiopulmonary bypass canulas

 INCOR cardiac surgeon

Cardiopulmonary bypass machine

Interspersed with periods of intensive activity are periods of waiting.

Interoperative scene

Prenatal Intensive Care Unit (PICU)
Daily teaching and work rounds allow discussion of each patient's progress

Nurses with picture of Madonna & Child

Patient in PICU isolette - bed with heating for babies

Patient in PICU

Physician members of team assessing patients in PICU

PICU entrance

PICU Patient

PICU Patient

PICU Patient

Picu Team Awaiting Arrival of Patient from OR

Post-op VSD patient -looking great!

Rounds in PICU provide important teaching opportunities

Patient Sleeping in PICU

Hospital Environs
Visiting patient rooms. These young girls with Down Syndrome wanted to try my markers.

This is their creative result.

Heart to Heart distributes teddy bears to patients

Hospital visitor in cafeteria

Hospital visitors in the cafeteria - patients from all over Peru are served by this national hospital

INCOR balcony waiting area

INCOR main floor waiting area

Lunch at hospital cafeteria

Members of the Heart to heart team interviewed the families of patients.

Shrine in INCOR waiting area

Visiting patient rooms. Cardiac defects may be isolated or may be associated with certain syndromes, such as Down Syndrome.

City Environs
Children in park, San Isidro district

Embassy Row Miraflores district

Gate M Avenida Arquipa, Miraflores district

Huaca Huallamavea Pyramid Pre-Incan temple, San Isidro District

Lima park with ancient olive grove San Isidro district

Parroquia Nuestra SeNora del Pilar, San Isidro District

Lima, scene near team's hotel